Mood management. Anxiety. Depression. For sensitives and creatives.

Dear sensitive person,

I know you are in pain a lot of the time. I know you have felt misunderstood and ridiculed, poked and scrutinized, victimized and left aside. I know you often feel down, you have a hard time controlling your moods and others in your life don't quite get you and your "intensity". I am here to talk about all that. Life can be different. Life can be really good. For now, just know that feeling good can be cultivated. You do not need to wait for outside circumstances to change. Anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mood disorders do not need to be life sentences. My name is Christine Ellis. I am a teacher, an artist, a wife and a mother and living proof that you can master your moods, feel good at will, switch out of "the blues" and build a life of consistent happiness.
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Yes, you CAN feel good. Consistently.

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“A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Your Moods”

If you:
– have been told often that you are “too sensitive”
– feel often like a turtle without a shell
– take on others’ emotions without meaning to
then you are a sensitive.
You are also a creative.
This is a gift, not a curse.
In this short book I will show you how to bounce from negative feelings into positive ones, so you can stop feeling tortured by your emotions.



cropped-img_0484.jpgHi! My name is Christine Ellis. I have always lived very strongly through my feelings.
Some people are in their heads. Me, I feel. If it is good, it can be really, really good. But if it is bad… it can be… depression, anxiety and PTSD – all things I have been diagnosed with.
I lived like that for a very long time and, much as I tried, I just could not find my way out. Therapy helped. Self-help too. But I always seemed to bounce back. Until I found my own way of switching my moods, soothing my anxiety, healing my depression and living a good life – consistently.
Nowadays I am happily married with two kids and I live a truly charmed life. I also write books and design courses on getting – and staying – happy.
Read more about my story and about what I do. Thanks for visiting and, if you want, subscribe to The Art of Feeling Good Newsletter to keep in touch. I write about good feelings (almost) every week.


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THE HAPPINESS SWITCH: How to transform depression, anxiety and other negative moods by focusing on and cultivating good feelings

How to use the built-in power of your emotional system to shift out of depression, anxiety and other negative states.

You will benefit from this book if you:

  • are struggling with anxiety and depression
  • have been trying to find a drug-free solution to shifting out of anxiety and depression
  • have an open mind and are willing to give something new a try.

I will teach you:

  • How to generate positive feelings and emotions at will
  • How to stay in good feeling states, moods and emotions consistently
  • How to coach yourself out of “the dumps”


Good Feelings Meditation

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