Welcome to my blog. It’s a blog about good feelings. And feeling good. Every day I will pick a good vibe and write something about it. After all, everything we do is that so we get to feel a certain way. It really is all about the feelings.

So in thinking this morning about what I wanted to say today, it occurred to me that when I talk about savoring something, there is no particular feeling that describes the experience. I can savor chocolate and I may feel tickled on the inside. I feel profound relaxation when I savor a good massage. But what do I feel when I savor my life? When I am at the end of a perfect day… or maybe even a troubled day, that didn’t start so well, but finished brilliantly. To say that I feel satisfied is an understatement. I could use the word “jubilant” but then that doesn’t quite cover it when I listen to my son softly snoring in his crib. But I do savor that too.

Here’s to savoring – whatever it is, for it surely is good.


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