“Always be good to yourself!” And if I were, I’d feel…

be good to yourself

About that one… I love the sound of it but, strangely enough, it is easier said than done. Especially when things are not going as well as I want them to. So I try and reach for what that might feel like.

When I’m good to myself I feel:

  • kindness. Kindness shows itself in the voice of a friend who is trying to reassure, when you are not being very good to yourself. On the face of someone who lets you get away with a mistake. It appears when a neighbor gathers the leaves on your lawn. Just trying to hold the feeling of kindness, not necessarily directed towards myself, brings warmth and a sense that everything will be alright.
  • peace. Peace feels like a settling of turmoil. It feels like a release from worry and fear. It feels like wild flowers gently swaying with the wind on a meadow. It feels like watching dolphins swim. Peace means everything is alright, right now.
  • gentleness. The purring of a cat is so very gentle. So is the snoring of a baby. Gentle is the grandmother stroking the hair on her grandchildren’s heads. Holding gentleness in my heart soothes.

Being good to myself means finding good feelings and holding them in my body, heart, mind and spirit. Allowing them in. Letting them take root.

And so the day gets better.

Be good to yourself.


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