The pot of good feelings at the end of the rainbow

It is not simply moneyluck that I want, it is money AND good feelings, like pride, satisfaction, growth and contentment. I could have “money” (or anything else) but not feel good about it so in the end… the pot must be filled with good feelings or it’s worthless. The great news is that the good feelings are here for the taking, right now. The pot is there, already full and accessible at any moment. Perhaps not when connected to a particular subject (like money) but from and about the world in general.

Simply contemplating those good feelings, in any way you want, somehow generates an electrical current of emotion that, in turn, attracts real-world… stuff to match. Good stuff. Even stuff you weren’t specifically thinking about – like money, sunny days and clean public swimming pools. (Well, yes, that’s a random list but the Universe, as we all know, has a great sense of humor)

So it goes like this:

Ease. The jump of a dolphin.
Joy. The screaming of children at a birthday party.
Satisfaction. The sigh at the end of a very good meal.
Contentment. The clean living-room.
Growth. A young tree reaching for the sky.
Pride. The feeling you get after turning an “impossible” into a “possible”.

What does all that have to do with… money? EVERYTHING. You try and contemplate these good feelings “in general” for a little while and then watch what happens “in particular” (yes, with money).



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