From “haunted” to “enlightened”

buddha peacefulThey say that Buddha sat for a long time under the Bodhi tree before he attained enlightenment. While he was there, he was attacked by an army of demons. But he wasn’t impressed so their arrows turned to flowers. I wished that had been true about my doubts, insecurities and fears…

I’d been feeling haunted by fear for a very long time. It was there even on the best of days. I’d been trying for a very long time to find some sort of peace with it, but it always came back. Then, one day, I had my answer: I couldn’t run away from fear and I couldn’t “defeat” it. But I could look in a different direction. Use it as a bouncing place into the opposite. As a trampoline into the good.

I could look to “stability” and feel it in the perfect balance of the Earth, Sun and all the other planets. I could look to “amusement” and open my Facebook page to see all the videos posts of babies and funny animals. For every “arrow” there was now a path – with flowers on it, indeed. The trampoline has been working ever since.

That was my very small moment of enlightenment.

It has changed everything.


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