The miracle of ordinary things

ordinary things“Ordinary” things may not be so ordinary after all. They have simplicity, a certain grace, modesty and vitality. Even a cupboard has all that, for it holds supplies that serve and nourish life.

I live close to Brussels where right now things are not very easy: the government has increased the terrorism alert level to the maximum 4. There is police everywhere and it feels like we are already at war.

Fear is creeping in. It is difficult to feel good. What can you possibly focus on that will make it all better, when there are messages coming from everywhere around saying that, at any moment, someone might start shooting?

I have been pondering this question all morning.

The first answer that always comes is “focus on the ones you love”. And love is good, except that right now it is closely followed by fear at the thought of something happening to any one of them.

So then…  the only thing that makes me feel better is looking at ordinary things. Really looking: at the apples on the counter that are so very red and juicy, waiting to be transformed into a healthy meal for my 2 year-old son. At the white kitchen furniture that is holding a lot of our life at home. At the radio that entertains us and connects us to the world. At the washing machine that is saving me hours in cleaning our clothes. At the toys spread all over the living room. At the heaters that keep us warm. Everything is alive and everything seems to say “We are taking care of you”. For this is what they are doing, with simplicity and modesty.

This is what I find comfort in. These are my every-day miracles.

May all your “ordinary” days be filled with goodness.


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