How to stay emotionally hydrated in 2 easy steps

emotionally hydratedWe spend a huge amount of money on skin-care products. The thing is, feeling good works 100 times better than any of them.

It’s just occurred to me that I am very good at keeping my skin hydrated. I take off my make up every day. I apply face cream. I drink a lot of water.

But I’m not sure I have such a good routine for keeping my emotions “hydrated” so to speak – healthy, glowing and awesome.

So here is what I propose: follow these two simple steps every single day. Then report back in 30 days. Let’s see if the wrinkles have improved – the inner ones as well as the outer ones.

Emotional hydration routine

  1. Take off any worries, concerns, upsets and the like by applying a light cleanser: any funny or fun-inducing, or laughter-provoking activity of choice (YouTube videos, joke books, your neighbor etc.).
  2. Follow with a heavy moisturizer: love, directed at someone or something. Conjure up the feelings of love, then direct them towards your partner, your kids, your cat, your sofa or anyone / anything you wish. The idea is to have those love feelings cruising through your body and soul.

That’s it!

You can do this morning, noon and evening. You can do it whenever you like. It costs zero. And the benefits… well, you tell me.

C.M. Ellis

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