The daily good feelings snack

-              CanapesWe all know that in order to have a healthy body, we must eat healthy food. Mostly. The occasional potato chip, fat-dripping hamburger or soda don’t really matter. So we can indulge.

But how many of us feed ourselves good feelings, on purpose?

Here are some very healthy feelings munchies:

  • Contentment. I’m not talking about feeling wildly happy. “Content” is pretty good. If you can’t feel content right now, look for someone who does. Try to put yourself in their shoes. For example, a child eating an icecream is perfectly content. Contemplate contentment and you will literally feed your spirit with it.
  • Curiosity. The world is full of interesting stuff. Even if you feel mad / bad / sad about something, there are plenty of other things to get you curious. Curiosity feels good. Being interested in something feels good. Just look at anyone who has a passion for something! Aren’t they alive and kicking?
  • Amusement. Whether you’re having a good or a bad day, you can always find something to giggle about. Maybe not laugh-out-loud stuff, but a-little-chuckle thing. Cats can be really funny. Small kids too. YouTube abounds with amusement – from “Oh, gh-rooooose!” to “Hahahaha!”. A sure way to perk yourself up.

Happy munching!



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