Three Essentials for a Good Feeling Parenting Experience

mother hands and baby feetI haven’t been a mother that long. My son is only two years-old. But in these two years I have changed and learned more than in the previous decade.

Granted, it’s a bit early to draw some conclusions and that’s not what this is about. Rather, these are some thoughts about parenting that I don’t think I’ll ever change. They are, for me, essentials.


1. What other people think about your parenting is their business, not yours.

New parents are particularly vulnerable to this one. When you first become a parent, everyone has a “THIS is absolutely how you do it” recipe for wiping, feeding, burping, playing, walking, sleeping and so on. It’s good to listen sometimes but, in the end, it’s YOUR experience so savor it – according to YOU.

2. Let your child be who he or she is.

No matter how your child (or his or her personality) is, just accept and love him or her without trying to change them. For example, don’t try to force social connections on a shy kid.

3. Remember that what your child needs the most is your love.

Sometimes we parents want so much to teach our children manners, maths, foreign languages, politics and musical instruments that we lose sight of the fact that none of these matter if your child does not feel loved.

C.M. Ellis


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