Before you get angry to get back at “them”, take a second look

angry catMy husband changed jobs in the beginning of this year. Before that he worked for 13 years for the same company.

The last project he did with them was awful. He worked very long hours. He had an insanely long commute. The work itself was rather boring. And there were no opportunities for moving up in that company.

So why didn’t he leave? Good question. He is a very stable kind of guy. He doesn’t change things easily. And he’s very loyal.

Enter… THE BOSS FROM HELL. The project was managed by a guy who thought shouting was how people talk. He hurled insults as a way to motivate people – or so he said. If anyone had the audacity to do something “okay”, that meant that they didn’t do enough for “great” – and there was no “great”.

Sure, he was going through a divorce and was about to start seeing his only and much-adored daughter only a few times a week… but he was still horrible to work with no matter how much you understood his situation.

So my husband left. Because of him. And he has to thank him for it. Because now he’s in a much, much better place, with a reasonable commute, better money and plenty of opportunities.

In my very recent past a bunch of rowdy kids made me want to quit teaching altogether. Six months ago I would have thought that was impossible, as I love being a teacher. Or, rather, I loved being a teacher. I’ve known for a while now though that it’s time to move on.

Because of those kids I have written more in the past couple of months than in the previous two years. I’m going for it with my writing. They, naughty and wild, were the push I needed.

So before you get angry with “them” (whoever they are who are making you mad), look and see if they aren’t pushing you towards your next step in life, kicking you out of a situation you have outgrown.

I’m willing to bet that’s the case and that the next step is pretty awesome.



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