Feelings vs. Actions. Does it really have to be a fight?

goats locking hornsHumans are obsessed with actions. We need to be moving, out and about, DOING something – even if it’s bad. It’s better than nothing. We just can’t sit still.

Feelings, on the other hand, have a bit of a bad reputation. Given a choice between doing something or feeling something, most people would choose to do instead of feel.

The irony of it is that we always DO because, in accomplishing whatever it is we think we will accomplish, we believe we will get to FEEL a certain way!!

So then, if FEELINGS are the end goal, why are we so afraid of them, embarrassed with them, annoyed with them, controlled by them and other…(insert whatever else “bad”)?

Instead of looking at “the goal”, how about we start looking at the end-end goal?

You want a car because you want to feel, say, comfortable.

You want a relationship because you want to feel, say, cherished.

You want a fortune because you want to feel, say, free.

So why not try and feel those right now, before you even get the car, the relationship and the fortune?

Comfortable feels like taking off my high heels. It feels like sleeping half an hour more. It feels like a warm, easy meal.

Cherished feels like a happy old couple. It feels like family heirlooms. It feels like a sculpture done by my father or my childhood pictures.

Free feels like taking a walk on the beach. It feels like dogs frolicking in the park. It feels like going to the movies.

Keep going like this and in a very short time you will end up feeling exactly how you want to feel. Consistently.

And then, as a bonus, you will receive the other stuff you wanted.

And, strangely enough, it will probably require very little action on your part – or very fun, easy action. Try it and see!

C.M. Ellis



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