Lavender lemonade may just be the key to happiness. Who knew?!

lemonade jar with lime and minthToday I came across an interesting piece of information. I was researching the word “happiness” on several websites, to see what kind of information people are interested in when they look for this online.

As it turns out, one of the most shared and liked articles on the Internet on the subject of happiness is about… (drumroll!) lemonade.

This is not the “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” kind of lemonade. It is the lavender type.

(I have never added anything other than honey or sugar in our lemonade so this is an interesting idea to begin with).

The article details the benefits of lavender and its essential oils in relieving depression, improve insomnia, reduce labor pains (I wish I’d known that 2 years ago!), diminish headaches and a host of other issues.

Smelling lavender might just be one of the keys to happiness. The Internet certainly seems to think so. Well, mostly Facebook really, where the article received about 2 million shares (according to Google+ is a bit more skeptical (about 500 shares) and LinkedIn is downright indifferent (88 only).

All in all, it is certainly worth a try. I might just add a few drops of lavender in our lemonade the next time we make some.



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