When you get the blues, look for the reds!

girls in tulips fieldI started out wanting to write a post about getting over the holidays blues.

What I meant to talk about was the kind of blues that borderlines (or spills into) depression and that comes after stirring family dramas, old fights and scars, sticky situations and uncomfortable moments.

While ruminating over my topic of choice, inspired by recent encounters with my own ghosts and gargoyles of holidays fame, I tried to find a picture that matched my thoughts.

I went to pixabay.com (which is an amazing resource of royalty free images by the way) and typed “blues” in the search box. This is how I ran into this gorgeous picture of two girls running through a field of tulips. Don’t you just want to turn into a giant and scoop those sweet children with an armful of flowers for a hug?

That’s how I lost my oompf. The ghosts and gargoyles were defeated. I felt no need to talk about them anymore.

It really seemed rather funny… like some sort of cosmic joke, as if there was an angel assigned to my case who said “Oh, you’re looking to rap on the blues? How’s this red for you?”

After the laughter simmered away a little, it occurred to me that this is a great response to my unanswered question: “How do you get over the (holidays) blues?”

The answer is: “You look for the reds.”

Red roses.
Red carnations.
Red socks.
Red cherries.
Red dresses.
Red umbrellas.
Red trucks.
Red cars.
Red comic books.
Red strawberries.
Red hearts.
Red lips.
Red paints.
Red crayons.



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