Giggling with joy and waiting for Saint Nicolas

magical-1090663_1920It is 8:30 am here in Belgium where we live and I am sure that Saint Nicolas has come to our home. He is the bishop dressed in red, with a long, pointy hat, who brings presents to deserving children. He carries them on a donkey and if you put your shoes out with a carrot inside (for the donkey), you will surely receive something. If you’ve been good…

Traditionally Saint Nicolas comes on the night between the 5th and the 6th but because we have work and kindergarten, we parents spoke to him and he agreed to come a little earlier.

How could he not? My little boy is so very good and so very wonderful.

He will turn three at the end of this month and this will be the first year when he will actually be able to understand. He knows who Saint Nicolas is… sort of. He has no point of reference for the magical bishop. But he loves presents, like all kids.

Saint Nicolas has conferred with us, mom and dad, in picking the presents for our little boy. And in doing that, us parents realized that we were more full of joy, more full of wonder and the purest form of glee (with giggles on top!) at the thought of watching our little one gasp with excitement than when we ourselves used to receive those presents as children. At least it feels like it now.

Sometimes people get disappointed and say that after the magic of childhood wears off, adulthood is not nearly as shiny and wondrous. But that is not really true, is it…

Oh, the many forms that love takes…

May you have a joyous day – and filled with magic. And rest assured, if you put a carrot in your shoes, on the night of 6th December, you might just get a little magic. In fact, you can expect some magic in your shoes any time you ask for it – the saints are flexible, I have it on good authority.

Sunny skies and good feelings,


PS: We will have another round with Santa Claus. Traditionally, it was Saint Nicolas who brought presents to the children but now we have Santa too. You see? More magical opportunities! 🙂


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