What do you do with all that cardboard from Amazon?

cardboard farm dog house

‘t is that time of the year – the time to be jolly, to be happy and to be looking for presents. Lots and lots and lots of presents.

With lots and lots and lots of presents come lots and lots and lots of cardboard boxes. Especially if you do your holiday shopping on Amazon.

It can be a problem! The space in the garage is already taken by the two cars, the wheelbarrow, the tractor and my husband’s motorcycle. The pile of plastic bottles is already pushed in a corner.

Really, there isn’t much room for all that cardboard.

The other day I had an idea though. I took a couple of boxes, a pair of scissors and a tape gun. I asked my son if he wanted to make a farm. He looked at the cardboard, then at the supplies, then at me and he said… nothing. He is three. He did not understand.

I set to work. The moment I sunk the scissors in the cardboard, his eyes lit up. He loved that “scrush-scrush-scrush” sound so that was joy reason #1. With squeals on top.

Then, I made shapes. Two rectangles, a triangle, a circle…. Joy reason #2. Who knew cardboard could be so interesting?!

I set out to make the building of a railway station. He loves trains and we have some wooden tracks that could have gone very well in front of it. Thomas the Tank Engine included.

But when I got done with the “railway station” my son squealed (joy reason #3): “Farm! Farm, mama! Farm!”

Okay. So it turned out to be a farm.

After the farm house came the dog’s house. Oh, the screams of joy for that… you can not imagine! (joy reason #4)

IMG_3344After the dog house came the shed for the tractor (joy reason #5).

We had so much fun the whole afternoon that I wondered why we bothered buying him toys at all!

I’m joking, of course. Toys are good. But joy out of “nothing” is part of the miracle and wonder. Blessed be.

Sunny skies and good feelings,



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