The DGF: Routine vs. Stability vs. Consistency

We usually think of “routine” as a bad thing. It’s the “soul-killing grind”, the mind-numbing dream thief that brings boredom, dread and various levels of depression..

It takes wisdom to see that there is a powerful nurturing force in routine.

You will see it if you call it “consistency”, or “constancy”, or “steadiness”, or “stability”.

Nothing can grow without steady, repetitious care. Day in and day out. Not people, not projects, not businesses, not books…

It is a given that some days the repetition will be tedious. No matter how much you love whatever it is you are growing. I discovered that after having my son. Before having him, I gave up very easily at the first signs of “I don’t feel like it today… maybe… I think… could it be a sign it’s not meant to be…”.

After I had my babe, I realized that it doesn’t really matter whether I feel like it or not.

There was also another revelation: there was an underlying feeling of joy that was underneath the moments when I felt tired, or overwhelmed, or preoccupied by other things.

I am taking that lesson to other parts of my life, whose growth has been stunted because I didn’t know that I had to show up every day, no matter what.

Routine is the scaffolding of that: it helps on those days when I don’t “feel like it”. But I now know better so I show up and do whatever it is I need to do, again and again. Nevermind “feel like it”. Also, nevermind perfection. Who says it has to come out right every single time?!

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