Do you have eyes for the beauty right in front of you?

These splendid flowers grow wild on the side of the road here in the Belgian countryside where I live.

I took the picture last year, on a road in the back of our house. The poppies are back nowadays, as majestic as before.

Constant, stable, majestic beauty.

They start sprouting somewhere in May, when the sun is strong enough.

Waves and waves of them appear through the summer, all the way to September and sometimes further.

They are not picky about where they show up: you can see them proudly popping next to a thrown can of Coke on the side of the railway tracks. They do seem to love roads…

To me they are a reminder of the majestic abundance of beauty in this world. There is no end in sight… it is there every single day, one way or another – and whether we see it or not.

We would do ourselves a favor by paying attention to this beauty, for it nourishes body and soul. It feels like harmony, abundance, serenity, majesty, vibrancy and buoyant, bursting, singing joy.


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