When intuition calls: how to follow the whispers of your inner knowingness

emergency-1137137_1920In my early twenties I found myself in the emergency room of a large – and very reputable – Los Angeles hospital.

Even though I was young and relatively healthy, I found myself struck with a host of strange physical symptoms: I had numbness in my hands, tingling in my legs, headaches and a general feeling of malaise.

After a few months of fluctuating symptoms, I took myself to said emergency room, on a day when the numbness was very pronounced and my overactive, extremely anxious mind saw myself in a wheelchair in a few months.

I was greeted by a couple of residents, not much older than myself.

One of them did the intake questionnaire, the other checked me.

They were coming and going fast, acting super busy. I suppose they were – it was, after all, the emergency room.

But I really had the feeling that I was at a frat party that waited for sundown to bring the alcohol in.

They kept me there overnight for observation and the next morning I finally had the feeling that somebody was actually, really paying attention to me. Not in a frat-boy kind of way, but in a compassionate healer one.

The morning doctor was pushing 35 (I think). He had very kind eyes and a gentle manner about him.

“What’s going on with you?” he asked, with a sense of familiarity that put me at ease instantly. I felt like crying.

I told him my symptoms.

“I don’t want to scare you,” he said, “but we think it might be MS.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

He blinked in confusion.

“You don’t know what MS is?”

Well, no, I didn’t. Maybe I had been living under a rock…

I began to understand when he pronounced the words “multiple sclerosis.” Yes, the one that has people ending up in a wheel chair. A mystery illness that nobody can exactly explain – and for which they don’t really have a cure.

Then I really started to cry.

He tried to make me laugh, by cracking a couple of jokes I don’t remember and showing me his bold spot.

The discharged me the next morning, saying that I just have to… monitor the situation and see how it develops. Did I have MS? They weren’t sure.

My symptoms went away.

I put that particular health crisis on a very stressful time – I was going through a very bad break-up with my family.

Over the years I had more tingling and numbness, but somehow I didn’t end up in a wheel chair – nor did I get an MS diagnosis.

I had periods of great fatigue and for a couple of years in my early thirties it seemed that I had a cold pretty much all the time.

I explained it through my fluctuating moods, high anxiety at times, bouts of depression and a new job teaching very small children, who come with all kinds of bugs to school and are very generous about spreading them around.

There have been a couple of other times when I thought that something is seriously wrong with me, but nobody could actually tell me what – doctor, alternative healer or psychic.

Last week my intuition came calling though, about this very subject. Only I didn’t know it, because I wasn’t having a health crisis. I was just feeling a bit low. So I went to the Hayhouse Radio website.

apple-139266_1920I haven’t listened to it in a few good years. But I got an impulse of sorts to go check out their weekly schedule to find out who is new on the scene in the self-help and spirituality arena.

This is how I found Anthony William.

At first my attention just skimmed over the names (some of them familiar) until I felt drawn to his with as gentle a touch as if a ladybug was leading me.

“Check him out!” a voice said in my head, without words and without sounds, in fact – the way people “talk” in dreams.

I found his book on Amazon and downloaded the sample of “Medical Medium” on my Kindle.

I avoided it for a couple of days.

“I don’t really need this!” I said to myself.

“I am working on emotions – and I don’t have physical symptoms right now!”

“It’s 11 bucks! Hm…”

Then, finally, a couple of days afterwards, I bought the book.

There was still resistance: a part of me was reading all detached, as if all of his stories of healing and all of his methods were for other people… I really didn’t need that.

Except… he started talking about mystery illnesses… undiagnosed, misunderstood or undiagnosable maladies that plague millions of people… and that, he says, he can cure with the help of an equally mysterious spiritual entity he calls “Spirit”, which appeared to him when he was four and told him to tell his grandma she had lung cancer. It turned out that she did, even though she had no symptoms and the news came as a shock.

Anthony says that the voice of “Spirit” talks to him all the time and tells him people’s health problems – and how to heal them.

He has no medical training of any kind and yet medical doctors are baffled at the accuracy of his diagnosis.

In his book, “Medical Medium”, he talks about a widespread epidemic of the EBV virus, of which there are (“Spirit” says) about 60 strands. The mystery illnesses people struggle with actually come from side-effects of being plagued with this virus.

I am all about spirituality, new-ageness, Esther Hicks and Abraham and all that… but I was still skeptical.

However, when he started describing my mysterious symptoms from my early twenties, giving an explanation for my periodical fatigue – AND throwing in a claim that the Epstein-Barr virus, in some of its forms, can inflame the nervous system and cause sudden depression, mood swings and other psychological symptoms, I started to take it seriously.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but I intend to follow through with what he’s saying. I have already started applying some of it – grazing on fruits and veggies every two hours and cutting down on the amount of meat.

As I am pregnant at the moment, I don’t want to actually start an experiment… and yes, my resistance has diminished but is still there.

I can’t help but feel though that, somehow, my intuition has led me by the nose to something that I needed to read, so that I could apply.

Or maybe it was my unborn child… who is coming in with fresh strength from the world of pure energy…

And, by the way, he says that the adrenal glands can be severely depleted by the process of childbirth… and that postpartum depression can be largely explained by this. If you happen to have a strand of Epstein-Barr too, that’s wreaking havoc with your hormones and your nervous system, you’re set for the heavy blues that many new mothers suffer from, many of them in silence.

I haven’t drawn any definitive conclusions and I still have to see how it all pans out, but I have very strong feelings that I am definitely on to something.

The book is really worth checking out, if you are experiencing any mysterious health problems (recent or not) or simply if you are into healing one way or another.

What does your intuition say about that?


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