Bubbles in the Back Yard, an Update and Future Projects

soap-bubbles-3517247_1920It will soon be a year since I last posted an article on this site. I have kept an eye on it, but finding the time to write (or the mental energy) was an entirely different story.

I decided to be good to myself and focus on what was happening in my life, without stretching myself too thin (I talk about this attitude of being kind to yourself in “The Nourished Soul”).

Last summer, when I stopped writing, I was literally in bloom… with my second child. But… The pregnancy was not an easy one. As for the birth… The anesthesiologist messed up my epidural and my little girl came three weeks earlier. She was very small so I had to feed her every three hours for a couple of months. As in breast-feed… not for the faint of heart. My boy, going on four at the time, woke up five, six times a night screaming “Mama!”, afraid that the new arrival will deprive him of his mother forever.

So… I was busy.

Very busy.

At the time of this writing though, my girl is two months away from turning one – a chubby, happy, loving baby who is sleeping eleven hours every night and eats more than her big brother at times. My boy is growing in leaps and bounds and has settled nicely into our new life as a family of four. He loves his sister very, very much and, after months of me telling him often (as in at least once an hour) that I love him, his anxieties have diminished considerably.

My energy is returning. My brain is clearing of the fog of the hormones. I have time in the evening for writing again.

So here I am.

I have learned so much this past year though…

At the time of publishing “The Happiness Switch”, I had started living the “good feelings life” every day. But what I did not know then was how deep this would take me into a clearing of my past, of my insecurities, of my fears of life, of my procrastination and of all kinds of long-running issues.

I have started working with my body, to anchor the good feelings and replace the negative ones.

And I’ve begun teaching my “inner child” how to feel good.

I am writing new books about all this – because it is transforming my life and taking it to a level that I had hoped for… for a very long time. But I didn’t quite know how to bring it around.

I will start writing articles again, writing about good feelings and publishing books. I am also working on a couple of courses.

For now though, it is time for making soap bubbles in the garden with my kids. Something we will be doing a lot of this summer.

It is pure, clear, distilled joy. Fun. Tenderness. And love. Big love.

And I feel so deeply, profoundly grateful that I am able to really FEEL IT.


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