The Magic of “Ordinary” Days: Look for Beauty Every Day.

ordinary thingsWhen I first started this blog, I posted this picture that resonated with a lot of people. (It lists my old site that became a casualty of the very tumultuous last year. But I’m preparing another one, that inspires me even more.)

I shared my belief that the “ordinary” world is not really ordinary at all.

There is great beauty everywhere. And it is right there, in front of us, all around, permeating everything.

This afternoon, for example, I came back from a walk in the forest with our kids.

It was very hot for this part of the world (Belgium – and 30C / 86F) and I felt out of sorts. I am not doing well with heat. It gives me headaches and, sometimes, even migranes. But I have to admit: on hot days, the light is spectacular. Especially at the end of the day.

Take a look at this picture:


I took it while sitting on the steps in our hallway, waiting for my son to take of his shoes.

As it takes a long time, I had a moment to myself to take in this moment of beauty: the light shining through the leaves of the small trees that lives by the entrance, coating them in liquid gold and playing with each and every one of them.

When I downloaded the picture I saw that there was a yellow leaf in it. I had mixed feelings: the fall is coming in only one month! The days will get shorter and shorter and it will get progressively cold… to the point that I will be frozen and stiff every time I step out of the house. That’s coming – but it is not yet here. Winter has its own beauty anyway.

For now, the temperatures will go down soon to a very comfortable level. The colors will be even more spectacular in the near-by forest and I will sleep a lot better.

Beauty every day.

And comfort.

And curiosity, to see what the day will bring and how it will play out.

A Good Feelings Exercise

Have you ever woken up in the morning with this thought: “I want to watch the light today!”?

Can you try it tomorrow?

If you do, please write to me and tell me about it! Or leave your impressions here in the comments. Others respond to beauty too – and it will deepen your feelings.



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