Please help me choose

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for supporting this blog. I have taken a leave of absence of sorts, to have a baby girl. As you may know, raising children is more than a full-time job.

In the beginning of October my baby will turn one. My oldest is in school all day. Things are getting easier. Much easier. That means that I will have more time to think about myself and my projects.

As the goodfeelings project (as I call it) has found an audience and people who love it, I feel very excited to continue. Thank you so very much to those who have written with their comments, thoughts and questions! Thank you also to those who are reading this blog and the books. There are more books in the works – and many other projects, such as calendars, journals…

To continue though, I need to round up this work with a name, which will of course be also the name of a website.

I would like your help with this.

I have created a poll of possible website names, but feel free to suggest an entirely different one.

Thank you so very much!



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