yoga-1883321_1920Hi! My name is Christine Ellis, I am the founder of  FindGoodFeelings.com.

I am a writer and I also teach English to kids as young as 4 and as old as 12.

I suffered for many years with anxiety and depression. At some point I was even diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder).

I was in a lot of pain, a lot of the time and my life was not really working, even though I had some things to be proud of (college degree, published writer, teacher…).

After the birth of my son I was determined to get better, because I knew then that no external event, no “big break” that was going to come, would make me go to the “Promised Land”: this happy place within myself.

I had to find it – and find it I did.

I learned how to shift my emotions. I discovered a way to transform my irrational anxieties, my fears, my “blues”.

I learned how to cultivate feeling good on purpose.

And I healed. Now I am writing books based on this healing experience. I hope others will find some inspiration in them to connect with their own healing forces and with their own source of well-being.

I currently live in Brussels, Belgium, with my husband and young son.

I would love to hear from you so please join the conversation – leave comments, post on the Facebook account, on Twitter and Google+.

Sunny skies and good feelings,




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