Remarkable, wonderful STABILITY and its guaranteed path to happiness

acrobats-78047_1920For most of my adult life I’ve had the impression that my inner life was a yo-yo. It started at some point around puberty. But it lasted a while…

I also had the impression that the wild mood swings I suffered came and went like the weather – on a whim of their own, upon which I did not have much control.

Of course, when I was in a “down spiral”, I struggled hard to get back up. Sometimes that struggle included beating up on myself for allowing myself to get so low.

By the way, do you notice the madness in this kind of thinking? On the one hand, I had the impression that my wild mood swings and changes in emotions had control over me. On the other hand, I beat myself over ALLOWING myself to go there… as if I actually HAD control over my feelings… Such is the landscape of inner war, of inner criticism and of inner instability.

In a country, economic stability is vital. It is also understood that things fluctuate. The point is to make the fluctuations small and manageable. Yes, there is a degree of control. A high one.

In the flight of birds and other air-borne critters, the stability achieved by their two (or more) wings allows them to soar. Again, two sides. Working in harmony.

In a relationship, stability looks like respect, trust and a solid foundation for a life together.

In a garden, stability comes through consistent work – the pulling of the weeds, the watering, the shading…

Whenever we think of happiness, we have the impression that it has to be off the walls, spectacular and glitzy.

Stability isn’t glitzy. But it makes everything grow – and thrive. It is not glitzy in the same way that breathing isn’t either.

Stability is the path to happiness – and it IS happiness itself.

Sometimes we mix up stability with boredom. They are certainly not one and the same. Stability is somewhat predictable, yes – but, to stick with the breathing example, you really want it to be.

Also, it takes great wisdom to know when and how to go back to the center.

So look at your life and see where it is stable. Appreciate this great blessing.

If things are not going as you want them to, in some ways, think of how you can create some stability there – emotional or otherwise. Perhaps you can come to peace with something – that’s stability.Just one example.

Stability is in the parent showing up every single day. It is in unwavering love for someone or something. It is in the changing of the seasons. It lives in the eyes of a devoted dog – and in the deliciousness of doing something, over and over again, knowing that it will always make you feel good. Over and over again.

Constantly yours,


From “haunted” to “enlightened”

buddha peacefulThey say that Buddha sat for a long time under the Bodhi tree before he attained enlightenment. While he was there, he was attacked by an army of demons. But he wasn’t impressed so their arrows turned to flowers. I wished that had been true about my doubts, insecurities and fears…

I’d been feeling haunted by fear for a very long time. It was there even on the best of days. I’d been trying for a very long time to find some sort of peace with it, but it always came back. Then, one day, I had my answer: I couldn’t run away from fear and I couldn’t “defeat” it. But I could look in a different direction. Use it as a bouncing place into the opposite. As a trampoline into the good.

I could look to “stability” and feel it in the perfect balance of the Earth, Sun and all the other planets. I could look to “amusement” and open my Facebook page to see all the videos posts of babies and funny animals. For every “arrow” there was now a path – with flowers on it, indeed. The trampoline has been working ever since.

That was my very small moment of enlightenment.

It has changed everything.