On the bridge of Avignon… The giddy anticipation of going on holiday and sweet memories from childhood

THIS is where I will be going on vacation soon with my family. This little village is called Gorde and it is said to be one of THE most beautiful villages in France.

We are not actually going to stay there, but close to Avignon – yes, the Avignon from the famous children’s song with the bridge.

There will be many spectacular things to see and do.

For now I’m reveling in the giddy anticipation of leaving.

My husband and I are spending a few minutes every day discussing, again and again, how we will be waking up at two in the morning for the car trip. How we have to stop often so I can stretch my pregnant body. We are salivating over the long stretches of road, as we both love driving very, very much. Plus, our son is crazy about all of it too! He comments on everything he sees outside the window and never complains about car rides. Ever. No matter how long.

I haven’t felt this much anticipation since my summer holidays from around the age of seven. Back then two months in the summer seemed like an eternity.

Nowadays two months feel like two weeks – except that now, when I have two more weeks before leaving, time is finally slowing down, to stretch out the waiting time even more. I love it.


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